The description of the routes on the territory of Trarego Viggiona is deliberately more narrative than technical: the desire is to introduce the walker to a more careful and sensitive of the details surrounding it.
The itineraries are ideal for beginners and passable in all seasons of the year, with appropriate clothing and equipment. It should be noted that not all areas affected by the routes have coverage for mobile phones.
The paths we have chosen is often intersect with the network of hiking South Mountain Community Verbano, consists of 18 routes: even in the map here excerpts of the proposal, we have therefore used paper developed by the Mountain Community, to which we refer for further routes out of the territory of Trarego Viggiona. In the text you can find the references to these paths marked by the number and the initials CMAV (= Mountain Community High Verbano).
The proposed itineraries are contassegnati by the initials ES (range = simple) and EM (= walk of medium difficulty). For travel time is calculated a development time of 3/4 mile to 350 m in altitude, then rounded. The times are so comfortable to walk.

Taking into account that the walker is a guest of nature, we would like to suggest a few rules:
  • Admire the flowers and wild plants, but not coglietele
  • Do not light fires for no reason
  • Lay waste in the containers, if there are none collect them and take them with you
  • Use only marked trails
  • Do not damage the trees and bushes
  • Do not annoy the animals and do not get close to their young
  • Do not disturb the peace of the forest: the peace and quiet of nature are the heritage of all
  • Observe the instructions, regulations and municipal ordinances
  • Parked the car and the motorcycle only in the spaces provided and remember that it is prohibited to access paths and forest trails with motorized vehicles
  • A large car park is available at Trarego near the cemetery at Viggiona beginning of the country or at the Church