The path of hard work


Trarego, Oggiogno, Donego, Cannero

Duration: h. 2.00 Difficulty: ES
Starting from the Town Hall of Trarego descend the steps of the parish church until arriving at the base of the village at the location called Crosai. From here take the path towards Oggiogno, which flanks the first stretch of the Rio della Chiesa (N.10 CMAV).
Observant eyes can detect in the dense woodlands the ancient terraces or “ronchi”, once used for the cultivation of vegetables, cereals, fruit and vineyard, and the old crumbling farmhouses. Also along this path is the beautiful bridge crossing over the valley of the Rio Cannero. We arrive at Oggiogno (515 m), a characteristic village perched on a spur of rock, where it is worth a visit to the press of Terrieri, built in 1742, representing the ancient rural activities.
The press consists of a huge chestnut beam which weighs several tons and is 9.20 meters long. First the press was constructed and then later the structure housing it was built using local stones.

From the square in front of the Church of St. Bernard, as well as from the parking place, there is a magnificent view of Cannero Riviera. The itinerary can go down directly to Cannero by two possible ways: one is from the trail continuing along the side of the cemetery. The second is by reaching the village of Donego (420 m) along the road (No. 15 CMAV). From here pass through the village and then turn onto the trail that goes down to Ronchè and onto Cannero.