The path of the traditions


Trarego, Pontetto Schech, Alpe Trunno, Piazza Sant’Eurosia, il Grotto, M.te Carza, Trarego

Duration: h. 2.30 Difficulty: ES
Along this path it is possible to relive the pastoral life of the past, which was once linked to agricultural work and to the Catholic devotion. The mountains with Alpine huts, now used as holiday homes, bring back to life the summer alpine pastures, while the ancient oratory dedicated to Sant'Eurosia shows the strong devotion of the believers.
From the Town Hall in Trarego (778 m) take the Via Passo Piazza, that leads to the end of the village, on the way passing the hotel "La Perla" on the right, and arriving to the area called Sasèe. On top of the path, there is a panoramic view of Trarego, Cheglio and the lake that is worth a pause to see before entering the deciduous forest, made up of mainly chestnut and oak trees. On continuing cross the Piumesc stream at the place called Pontetto and here leave the road to the trail that climbs to the right of a votive dedicated to Our Lady of Re (N.10 CMAV) to the summer alpine pastures of Fodrasca, Schech and Bernè. Curve to the right until the Provincial road is reached and follow it, by keeping to the right, up to a clearing in the location called Piazza (Oratory Sant'Eurosia see Route 1).

Continue along the Provincial road until reaching the Monte Carza. There is a nice chapel called "Stella del Lago Maggiore" to visit along the way. Then continue the descent until Trarego.