The scenic trail


Trarego, Colle, Monte Spalavera, Pian d’Alpe, Sant’Eurosia, Trarego

Duration: h. 3.50 Difficulty: EM
Starting from the Town Hall in Trarego (778 m) take the Via Passo Piazza that goes past the hotel "La Perla", on the right hand side, leaving the village and arriving in Sasèe. Continue along the path and cross the Rio Piumesc in the locality of Pontetto. Then leave the road to join the mule-track that ascends on the right side of a votive offering dedicated to Our Lady of Re (name of a village in valle Vigezzo). (N.10 CMAV).
Follow this mule-track up to another signpost for Colle that is found on the left near some farmhouses (N.17 CMAV). This track continues through beech and chestnut trees and arrives in Colle (1238 m). From the clearing, next to the monument erected in memory of the Partisans who fell during World War II, take the path (N. 7 CMAV) that goes up wide hairpin curved roads along the south slope of Mount Spalavera (1535 m).
The summit is reached after passing the trenches of Cadorna Line constructed in the years 1916/18. The panorama from the summit of Spalavera (which marks the boundary of the Natural Park of Val Grande) is unique as it gives a 360 ° view covering Mount Zeda, the valley Cannobina, Lake Maggiore and the Valley Intrasca in the foreground, and gradually opens onto the alpine mountains and plains in the distance.

Continue the journey down along the opposite side which traverses between the moorland of rhododendron (gives beautiful flowers in June), blueberries and beeches up to Pian d'Alpe (1298 m). Continue right until arriving at the paved road leading to Trarego-Colle then take the left side following it up to the locality of Piazza (m 1048).
Nearby is the seventeenth century Oratory Sant'Eurosia that is worth a visit. It is situated on the boundary of a picturesque grassy clearing surrounded by monumental beeches, and here are still present traces of old charcoal pits. There is also a picnic area, and the remarkable fountain which was made by the "Dragoni” association in the 90s.
To complete the path retrace the steps to the junction and take the dirt road that runs along the Rio Piumesc (N. 14 CMAV) descending to Trarego.