The three villages




Trarego (771 m) is the capital and seat of the Municipality. The village of Trarego is characterized by narrow streets and steps paved with stone that create corners, old houses and refurbished villas overlook the green and flat countryside below. The valley has joined him, crossed by the river Cannero, is one bush that thins at the top leaving room for pastures and clusters of huts. A Trarego are several buildings of industrial architecture, as mills for grinding cereals, dairy and a primitive social hydroelectric plant that in the early twentieth century produced the energy needed to light up the town's streets and homes.




Cheglio (773 m) is a tiny village atmosphere of ancient village with its narrow alleys between the houses of stone, rediscovered in recent years by those who enjoy the serenity of the place. The glacial valley facing south where lies the town of Cheglio allows you to enjoy an abundant sunshine even in winter, a feature that, combined all'amenità of the place makes it attractive for residential tourism.
Cheglio has a chapel dedicated to St. Rocco where is preserved a precious XVI century altarpiece depicting the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints Roch, Sebastian and Martin.




The village of Viggiona (686 m) is very old and its history is intertwined with that of the oldest parishes of the Parish of Cannock. It rises on a vast plateau moraine of the last glaciation, sheltered from the north wind, with a view extending beyond the end of the lake and to Switzerland...
It has a magnificent baroque parish church of the late seventeenth century, dedicated to Saint Maurice which contains precious antique vestments embroidered in gold, a pulpit in 1618, by brothers Zampatini, local carvers, the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary and a wooden crucifix important.