Cheglio (773 m) is a tiny village atmosphere of ancient village with its narrow alleys between the houses of stone, rediscovered in recent years by those who enjoy the serenity of the place. The glacial valley facing south where lies the town of Cheglio allows you to enjoy an abundant sunshine even in winter, a feature that, combined all'amenità of the place makes it attractive for residential tourism.
Cheglio has a chapel dedicated to St. Rocco where is preserved a precious XVI century altarpiece depicting the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints Roch, Sebastian and Martin. The chapel dates back to 1509, but according to some folk tales would oldest parish itself. It is said that even St. Charles Borromeo had preached.
Cheglio always find the ancient chapel of Santa Maria del Buri, which has a valuable fresco depicting the Crucifixion of the '400 and the Chapel of Vergela, a place of ancient rogation, located on the trail that leads to Cannero. The latter has a large porch which provided shelter to travelers in case of bad weather, the function performed by other "shelters" that are encountered in places down to Cannero Piancassone.
A Cheglio a stone fountain with an old entry is nestled under a staircase in the Central Street. Another interesting fountain is present among the monumental chestnut in "Pianaccio" built with the remains of a water trough for the horses used during the construction of Line Cadorna.

Arose in the country in 1884, the Hotel Belvedere, one of the first in the region, quickly became a popular tourist destination pioneering elite. The ladies of the Belle Epoque, accompanied by the village women carrying their luggage in Gerli, arrived by mule and went to sip tea on an old chestnut tree connected to the hotel via a walkway.
The hotel tradition is now rooted in local people and has produced generations of cooks and waiters who have migrated throughout Europe by opening restaurants and venues become famous. Although currently the tradition of hospitality is off you can still find different accommodation options for holiday apartments and bed and breakfast, as well as a panoramic newly built residence.